What is all this?

Ma-amad (English spelling) has an archaic meaning, something like "ministry" or "service." It's also quick and easy to type. This is a place where I collect and test software that can be used in the ministry of the Gospel, either by churches or by those called to serve them. For those who don't mind paying a small fee for the service that will help to offset my hosting expenses and time, I also host some of the same software on this web site for their use.

I am a Lutheran pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. These software projects began as ideas for improving my own efficiency and that of my parish. They have matured over time to the point where they are probably useful for others. If you subscribe to have something hosted here, it removes the necessity for you to install the hosted software to your own web site, and to maintain the installation. Everyone wins!

How do I get started?

A monthly subscription for a hosted application costs $2.25, which is billed automatically through a Paypal invoice sent to your email address. You may pay it through a Paypal account of your own, with a credit card, or any other way that Paypal supports. Since you receive invoices for the service, you also have something you can submit for reimbursement.

Invoices overdue by three months are subject to having the subscription cancelled and the installation deleted. That means all you have to do to quit your subscription is stop paying the invoices. On the other hand, if you want to try the software for up to three months before compensating me for my time and supporting my expenses, you can do so.

Service Planner

A limited comparison:

Ma-amadPaperMS Office
Can contain your service plansYes
Can contain your sermon plansYes
Modifiable from any web browser, anywhereYesNo
Automatically published for access by othersYesNo
Automatically finds lectionary daysYesNo
Reminds last use of hymn choicesYesNo
Special support for block plansYesNo
Automatically shows lesson textsYesNo
Comes with technical supportYesNo
Includes sortable hymnbook cross-referenceYesNo
Can integrate into your existing web siteEasilyWith lots of work
Lists Reverse-chronological past OR Chronological futureYesNo
Integrates Custom/Other LectionariesYesWhat?No
Includes Hymnary propersYesNo
Forum to request new featuresYesNo
Proceeds benefit a Lutheran elementary schoolYesNo

Noted Features

The Ma-amad service planner provides a web-based solution for planning church services, and is optimized for the Lutheran tradition as found especially in the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary.